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Chapter 4 (light novel 6)

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The Sea Devil Queen is Lucrece’s mother and user of the Book of Paradise. She’s part of the Paradise story.


When the sea devils stopped visiting the Holy Land of the Sea Devils to remember their ancestors, the Book of Paradise lost control and began to consume the bodies of innocent people. The victims were kept alive inside stalactites. The largest stalactite in the cave contains the partially-devoured Sea Devil Queen. She somehow became the user of the Phantom Book. Bonnie and Lucrece, the Sea Devil Queen’s daughter, are the only ones who know the truth.[1]


The Sea Devil Queen believes that the Book of Paradise has its value for giving happiness to people and making them forget about their suffering and anxieties. According to her, truth is painful and future is cruel. She sees nothing wrong in living in the past. The Sea Devil Queen believes that the Phantom Book should continue affecting people, even if it slowly kills them. She sympathizes with Hal, since he relived a happy moment of his life while under the Phantom Book’s influence.[1]


Only her upper body remains. The rest was merged with the stalactite formed by the Book of Paradise. Her daughter Lucrece looks like her.[1]


Oriana finds herself in a white beach, meeting her deceased lover Dean once again. She hears a beautiful, melodious voice reading a foreign book.

Hal and Flamberge explore the Holy Land of the Sea Devils while looking for the Book of Paradise and Oriana, Haycroft’s missing daughter. They hear a beautiful voice from somewhere inside the cave. Hal becomes alarmed after realizing that the voice is reading a foreign book. Hal falls to his knees and starts to relive a happy moment from his past. Meanwhile, Flamberge examines the numerous translucent stalactites around. There are humans and sea devils inside them. The largest stalactite is enveloping the remains of a sea devil holding an old book. The sea devil asks why Flamberge hadn’t been affected. After all, everyone in the Holy Land of the Sea Devils are immersed in a dream, where they experience the happiest moments of their lives. Flamberge, however, has no memories about her past.

Flamberge knows that the stalactites are consuming the entrapped people, slowly killing them. Still, the sea devil sees no problem in using the Phantom Book to live in the past. Hal finally wakes up from his dream. He uses his staff to destroy the stalactites. The sea devil begs him to stop. The flames from Hal’s staff envelopes her. The Book of Paradise is destroyed. The sea devil tells Hal that he will eventually burn himself if he continues to use that weapon. Hal replies, saying that he has nothing to lose. His past had already been burned. The sea devil notices the lie. In her last moments, she sees the tears on Hal’s cheeks.[1]

Outside, Hal questions Lucrece about what happened inside the cave. He had noticed that Lucrece looks like the sea devil holding the Book of Paradise, as if they are mother and daughter. Lucrece doesn't reveal the truth.[1]


  • When Flamberge hears the Sea Devil Queen's voice, she mentions the myth about Sicilian sea creatures captivating sailors with their beautiful voices.[1] The Biblioprincess may be referring to the Sirens from the Greek mythology. It's said that, in ancient times, there may have been excellent singers, but of corrupt morals, on the coast of Sicily, who by seducing voyagers, gave rise to their myth. Sirens are also associated with lascivious women in Sicily, who prostituted themselves to strangers, and made them forget their pursuits while drowned in unlawful pleasures.[2]


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