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Svein Kessler
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Suvein Kesurā


Investor (投資家 Tōshi-ka)


Chapter 2 (light novel 6)

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Svein Kessler is Erna’s father and Iris’ lover. He’s an investor and former apprentice of architect Throstur Orlik. He appears in the Book of Coffin story.


Kessler used to work as Throstur’s apprentice, more than twenty years before the main events of the Book of Coffin. Kessler didn’t become an architect, but the experience made him a successful real estate investor. Kessler loved Iris, the fragile daughter of Throstur, but the latter didn’t accept their marriage. The couple fled. Kessler didn’t have a stable job, and Iris was always sick. Unbeknownst to Kessler, Iris became pregnant with Erna. Iris knew that, with her weak body, she wouldn’t survive the delivery, so she left Kessler and returned to her father.

Six years before the main events of Book of Coffin, Kessler bought a mysterious house built by Throstur, uncertain that it even existed, in order to learn what happened with Iris. Throstur had lost his fortune, so the house was put up for auction. Years later, Kessler read about a group of four cartographers who explored the haunted house. Only one survived. The cartographer pointed out the location, but the next group found nothing, so Kessler decided to personally investigate the property. Shura, a photojournalist who wants to collect material about the matter, hid herself inside the trunk of his car, a Puppchen.[1]


Kessler is quite neurotic, always complaining, frowning, worrying and arguing. Shura’s intrusion makes him furious. As an investor, he doesn’t want the photojournalist to write about the haunted house and make its price drop. The house built by Throstur makes Kessler nervous and scared. Kessler understands how Throstur decided to live in peace and quiet after Iris' death. Years later, Kessler still mourns the death of his lover. He finds hard to accept her death. He wants to see her resurrected, even if he has to sacrifice his own life and those of everyone else. Kessler eventually accepts that Iris is gone. He anxiously waits to be part of his daughter Erna’s life.[1]


Kessler has a serious appearance. He’s about forty-five years old. He has a preeminent protruding nose. He’s neatly dressed with buttoned shirt and coat. He uses a handkerchief to remove snow from his shoulders.[1]


Kessler and Shura are arguing next to the haunted house of architect Throstur Orlik. Kessler doesn’t want to allow Shura inside. Hugh and Dalian approach them. Kessler stares at them with suspicion. Shura requests Hugh’s help to convince Kessler. Shura believes that Kessler is an evil man who censors journalists. Kessler introduces himself as an investor who bought Throstur’s house six years ago, when the architect lost his fortune. After reading about cartographers dying while exploring the house, Kessler decided to investigate the property. Shura had climbed into the trunk of his car in order to collect material about the matter. Kessler doesn’t want her getting hurt. Also, a sensational article written by the photojournalist can make the price of the house drop. Magnuson and Erna also arrive. Kessler is angry for having to welcome guests. He tells everyone not to expect any kindness. Without permission, Shura opens the door of the house, making Kessler furious.

The house's interior is huge, making Kessler nervous. The group finds a dining room. Magnuson and Erna go check the kitchen without Kessler’s permission. However, the investor soon forgets about them, resting in the nearest chair. He talks with Hugh about Throstur’s past. Kessler sympathizes with the architect. The latter had moved to the house after the death of his wife and his daughter. The architect wished to live in peace and quiet. Kessler is skeptical about Throstur using a Phantom Book to build the house, as suggested Shura. Magnuson and Erna return with trays of food. Although the house has no host, it still has fresh food, clean floors and burning lights. Kessler grabs his head, nervous. He turns pale and shakes in fear when an earthquake makes the house tremble.

Later, Kessler and the others reunite in the house’s library. Kessler yells, moving against the wall. He saw a mysterious figure. Streams of steam fill the library. The Book of the King's Coffin is burned to ashes. Kessler and the others run to the adjacent room, barely escaping the explosion. In the adjacent room, Kessler sees a young woman inside an icy sarcophagus. He recognizes Iris. Distracted, Kessler is hit by the fist of a giant made of steam. The investor flies like a paper. Shura and Hugh pull him to the next room. Erna bandages Kessler, who has suffered terrible burn injuries.

Kessler reveals that the woman inside the block of ice is his lover Iris, Throstur’s daughter. Kessler was Throstur’s apprentice more than twenty years ago. Kessler and Iris ran away, because Throstur didn’t accept their marriage. Eventually Iris returned to her father due to her poor health. According to Magnuson, although her body was preserved, Iris can't be resurrected. Magnuson plans to destroy the icy coffin and stop the threat posed by the haunted house. Hugh drags Kessler to save him from the superheated steam flowing under the door. Magnuson throws dynamite at the steam giant.

The group returns to the crypt room. Hugh prepares to open the Labyrinth Library and obtain a Phantom Book to destroy the coffin, but Kessler grabs Dalian, threatening her with a piece of glass at her throat. Blood flows down Kessler’s palm. The investor wants to protect Iris. If there’s a slight chance of revive her, he doesn’t mind sacrificing his own life or the lives of anyone else in the island. Erna tells him to stop. Erna reveals to be Kessler and Iris' daughter. It’s revealed that Iris left Kessler because she knew that she wouldn’t survive the delivery. Erna places a dynamite over the coffin of her mother. Hugh pushes Dalian and Kessler to the floor.

They leave the house in the next morning. Kessler stares at Erna, teary-eyed. He wants to leave with his daughter, but she refuses. The woman will continue her studies with Magnuson. However, she tells Kessler that they will meet again. Erna wants to know more about her mother. Kessler goes away in his car. Shura plans to interview Kessler and write about the touching moment between father and daughter.[1]


  • The Opel 5/12 PS, also known as the Puppchen, German for Doll, is a small car from the German automaker Opel, built from 1911 to 1920.[2]
  • When Kessler is hit by steam, Dalian encourages him by saying that his face looks like a Pogonophora worm.[1] Nowadays known as siboglinids, they are vermiform creatures that live buried in sediments deep in the oceans. They can also be found in association with hydrothermal vents, tolerating geothermally heated waters.[3]


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