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Hinagata no Sho


Zenova Hallward (ゼノバ・ホールウォード Zenoba Hōruwōdo)


Chapter 1 (light novel 6)


It maintains the target in a state as described in its pages.


Wesley Clade



For the light novel chapter, see Chapter 1 (light novel 6).

Template Book is a Phantom Book written by Zenova Hallward which gives immortality to Wesley Clade. The Phantom Book is present in The Template Book story.

It’s an old book made of sheets of faded parchment. Its copies were widely published with a beautiful hardcover and an unfamiliar title. However, they are not Phantom Books due to several typos.[1]


Zenova lived in the same dormitory as the trouble-maker Wesley Clade. The author is known as a heretic. He's very careful and clear while describing people. His vivid descriptions show the truth about someone better than photographs or portraits. Zenova died fifteen years before the main events of The Template Book. He left an unfinished work. Wesley took this work for himself. There was a passage describing him. The work became a Phantom Book which preserves Wesley’s appearance and health. Wesley published the book in order to spread the forbidden knowledge around the world and keep his immortality forever, unaware that the thousand copies were filled with typos.[1]


Wesley Clade

Wesley Clade, the user of the Template Book.

The state of the person described in the Phantom Book will be preserved forever. The Template Book maintains the person in his true form. Zenova wrote about Wesley when they were young. Consequently, even after decades, Wesley doesn’t seem to age. He became immortal, his appearance unchanged. He never gets sick. His wounds quickly disappear, his fallen limbs instantly grow back, because Zenova never wrote about such injuries. Wesley survives after being cut by a knife or ran over by a train. After getting shot, his blood returns to the wound and his flesh quickly recovers, as if time had gone backwards. His skin easily recovers from burns, even when the fire comes from the Book of a Thousand Sorrows. The Template Book works as if it’s recreating parts of a doll based on a template. In fact, Wesley is so handsome that he looks like a doll rather than a man. Such power is active as long as the forbidden knowledge exists in the original or in its copies. When the knowledge is destroyed, Wesley quickly ages as the years catch up with him.[1]


Leon tells Hugh and Dalian about the immortal assassin Wesley Clade, hired to hunt Alunda. Hugh and Dalian go to the old bookstore to find a way to defeat the killer. The old man reveals part of Wesley’s past. Wesley became immortal after he was described by the heretic writer Zenova Hallward. Wesley will always look like the description in the book. He will never age or die, because there’s nothing about that in the book. After Zenova’s death, Wesley published the book in order to spread the forbidden knowledge throughout the world. It seems that destroying the original Phantom Book won't be enough to make Wesley vulnerable. The old man shows a copy of Zenova’s book to the couple. Dalian notices something. Hugh examines the first page. He opens his mouth in amazement.

Wesley arrives, looking for Alunda. Hugh and Dalian confront the assassin. The latter seems twenty-five. Age hasn’t affected him. Hugh reads a passage from a copy of the Template Book. Hugh asks about the original. Wesley removes an old manuscript from his pocket. Hugh requests the original, but the assassin refuses. Hugh shoots him, but the wound quickly disappears. Wesley’s only reaction is stepping back due to the inertia. Hugh reads the Book of a Thousand Sorrows to summon a whirlwind of fire, but Wesley’s skin easily recovers. The original Template Book is burned to ashes. Hugh shoots Wesley again and, this time, the wound doesn’t disappear. The years finally affected Wesley's perfect appearance.

After Wesley is defeated, Leon asks why the assassin lost his immortality. Hugh shows a copy of the Template Book to Leon. All the copies are full of typos. There is no trace of Zenova’s original work. The forbidden knowledge had been completely destroyed.[1]


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