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Captain (船長 Senchō)


Chapter 3 (light novel 5)

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Thøgersen was one of the captains of the Atlantic Rim. After killing himself, he was replaced by Berners. He appears in The Logbook story.


Thøgersen was cursed to replace the previous captain of the Atlantic Rim.[1]


Thøgersen is an unexpectedly polite captain. He rescues the people of the Guillemot and welcomes them to his ship, serving them a delicious dinner and preparing accommodations. However, he’s only interested in being replaced as the captain of the cursed ghost ship. He quickly frees himself from his terrible fate by committing suicide.[1]


He’s a strong man, around fifty years old, with a strong physique.[1]


The steam engine of the Guillemot stops. Covered in fog, a clipper approaches. The people aboard the Guillemot are rescued. Hugh, Dalian and Jessica sit on the dining room of the Atlantic Rim. The captain Thøgersen introduces himself. The man keeps a loud parrot on his shoulder. Thøgersen explains that the Atlantic Rim is carrying a cargo to the east coast of America. He can't take the people from the Guillemot back to the kingdom or to the nearest port, but the rescuers will keep them safe until the sky clears. Thøgersen affirms that he will prepare the passenger cabins for them. The trio is free to examine the ship, but they shouldn’t go to the deck alone. Thøgersen also warns them that the ship’s cargo is dangerous, although not valuable. Thøgersen affirms that he will leave to meet the Guillemot’s captain.

Soon after, the passengers and sailors of the Atlantic Rim commit suicide. Hugh and Dalian hear a shot coming from the captain’s cabin. Thøgersen's body is found in a chair, his neck bent unnaturally, his hair blackened with blood, an old revolver in his left hand. Thøgersen also had killed himself. The crew placed his corpse inside a closet in the same cabin, along with a mountain of bones from previous captains. Thøgersen had freed himself from the Atlantic Rim curse. He was replaced by Berners, the captain of the Guillemot.[1]




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