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The Bomber
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Fragment 2 (light novel 6)

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The Bomber was a woman who was corrupted by the Book of the Flatterer. The character appears in The Real Me fragment.


The young woman was sad in her job, being ignored by her colleagues and boss. The guy she loved at the university was cold to her. She got bad grades.[1]


The woman has gloomy thoughts about her unhappy life. Her colleagues and boss look down on her. She’s kind-hearted and shy. She’s also sensitive, so comments from other people can easily hurt her. The woman believes that psychology books use vague words to attract readers. Even so, she’s influenced by the Book of the Flatterer, which makes her happy and confident, and helps her find what she believes to be her true self. The woman angrily ignores Dalian’s warnings about the Phantom Book and becomes attached to it, obeying everything written on it. Following the instructions of the Book of the Flatterer makes her lose friends, job and ultimately her life.[1]


After reading the Phantom Book, the young woman began to dress herself in bright and colorful clothes, getting everyone’s attention. She became unrecognizable.[1]


The woman is tired from work. She has gloomy thoughts, so she goes to a library to distract herself. She finds a forbidden book written by an author with the same name as her. The book attracts her, because it’s about discovering one’s true self. The woman is surprised, because it seems like the book is addressing her. It says how she’s kind-hearted, shy and sensitive. The woman is skeptical about the book. Yet, it makes her happy. She keeps reading it. The book knows that she’s unhappy. However, she’s powerful, she has many talents. Everything will change once she gains confidence.

The woman closes the book, hides it, and eagerly runs to the exit. Following the book’s instructions, she goes to a store to buy bright and colorful clothes. The sellers try to dissuade her, but she ignores the advises. The effect is immediate, since she begins to attract everyone’s attention. She becomes the subject of whispers coming from envious women. Her colleagues and boss start to listen to her. The woman finally finds her true self. She keeps returning to the library to read the same book. The book reveals the truth about her past. The guy she loved at the university was cold to her only because he was intimidated by her beauty. She got bad grades only because the teachers envied her abilities.

One day, the woman enters the library and learns that a girl in black dress had picked up the book. She angrily asks for the book. The girl advises against reading the book so often. According to her, the Book of the Flatterer contains only sweet talk that corrupt the reader. The woman doesn’t believe her. After all, the woman had found her true self thanks to the book. Furious, she grabs the book and runs out of the library. At her home, the woman becomes more and more attached to the book. Her life completely changes after obeying its words. She dresses ostentatiously. She speaks harshly. She loses her friends, but she doesn’t bother. She believes that she will find people more compatible to her. She eventually loses her job.

Inspired by the book, the woman decides to show her true self to the world. She thinks about talking in the main street, or cutting her veins in a crowd. However, she wants something more colorful, so she obtains some explosives. She enters a skyscraper and gives a speech. The workers, frightened due to her unusual appearance, run away in time. The woman activates a bomb. She was the only fatality. At the scene of the tragedy, a friend gave interviews to reports, saying that he couldn’t imagine that the woman was capable of such act.[1]




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