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The Boring Man
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Fragment 1 (light novel 7)

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The Boring Man is one of the users of the Catalogue. He’s part of the Catalogue fragment.


He has an uneventful life and a boring job. He loves a woman, but the love is not reciprocated.[1]


He loves someone, but the woman doesn’t look in his direction. He’s mocked by authorities, despised by the younger colleagues, avoided by cats and dogs. He’s tired and tormented due to his boring routine. He always goes to the same bar. The man believes that his ordinary appearance is the cause of all his problems. He wants a new face for himself in order to be more attractive or frightening. After having his wish fulfilled, he reveals a revengeful and unlawful side. He eventually realizes his mistake, noticing how nice his original face is, although it’s too late.[1]


He has an ordinary appearance. The man is not handsome, nor a freak. His face scares no one. He’s very forgettable.[1]


The man suffers due to his uneventful everyday life. The woman he loves doesn’t notice him. No one respects him, even the younger colleagues. One day, he realizes that his unremarkable face is the reason of all his trouble. While drinking at the bar, he wishes to have a new face. His life will be better with a face more attractive or frightening. Rasiel listens to his sad story. She tells him to change his face. However, the man has no money to have plastic surgery. She shows him a catalogue. He flips through the pages, looking disappointingly at the male portraits. He looks livelier after she explains that he can have any face in the catalogue. He makes his choice.

Now he looks like an elegant, handsome young man. He’s noticed by women. Men are enthusiastic towards him, and also envious. The man remembers the woman he loves. Now that he’s confident, he plans to invite her for dinner, then reject her as revenge. However, while he’s thinking about that, walking along the road, he’s beaten by a stranger. His new face is ruined, his nose is broken, his lips are cut, his eyes swell. He’s left on the road, bleeding. A young girl approaches him. She kicks him repeatedly and leaves. The man realizes that he has acquired the face of a person who took advantage of his appearance to attract women and perform romance scams. He runs back to the bar.

He begs Rasiel to save him. For his surprise, she tells him to choose another face. He doesn’t have to return to his old self. The man, in delight, chooses a frightening face. Now everyone lowers their eyes next to him. Superiors fawn over him. Younger colleagues shake in fear. The man is so menacing that he decides to rob a bank. He will run away and change his face again before the police can catch him. He will live for his own pleasure, without fearing the authorities. The man triumphantly leaves the company. Suddenly, he’s surrounded by policemen. They use their baton to beat him. Once again, his face is ruined. The policemen recoil, afraid of that face. The man uses the opportunity to run away. He realizes that he has acquired the face of a person who took advantage of his appearance to rob a bank and kill several people. He runs back to the bar.

Once again, the man begs Rasiel to save him. Crying at her feet, he asks for his original face. However, Rasiel tells him that his original face had already been picked. It turned out to be very popular. He wonders if his face will ever be returned. She tells him not to worry. Soon, his original face will be available again. She points to a newspaper. The man glances at an article about a terrorist. Someone had used his original face to kill the foreign minister last night. He starts to sob. His face became famous throughout the country. Policemen from all over the world are looking for him.[1]




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