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The Dictator’s Book
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Original Name


Romanized Name

Dokusaisha no Sho




Fragment 1 (light novel 1);
Chapter 5 (manga)


It protects a dictator.


The Dictator



For the light novel fragment, see Fragment 1 (light novel 1).
For the manga adaptation, see Chapter 5 (manga).

The Dictator’s Book, Dictator in the manga adaptation, is a Phantom Book used by a politician to rule a country. It's present in The Dictator’s Book fragment.

It’s an old book written in the language of a country destroyed ages ago.[1]


The Dictator’s Book was in the possession of Rasiel.[1] As suggested in the manga, she probably searches for people who have the potential to be chosen by the Phantom Book.[2]


The dictator who holds the Phantom Book will be protected from his enemies. It becomes impossible to assassinate the user, be by poisoning, shooting, bombing or cursing. Rivals won’t even be able to wound him. However, the Phantom Book will no longer save the person if he ignores what’s written in it and gives up from dictatorship.[1]


Rasiel Dictator

Rasiel offers The Dictator's Book to the man.

Rasiel approaches a young student, the most worried about the future of the citizens. According to her, the man was chosen by the Phantom Book. He would be protected from opposing politicians, the same incompetent and corrupted people who ruined the country, as long as he followed what’s written in it.

Soon he came to power, bringing wealth and safety to the people. However, not everyone supported his authoritarian policies. Enemies tried to assassinate him, but they always failed. The dictator was holding a book in his hands all the time.

During the execution of the last rebel, the politician announced that he would be no longer a dictator, but the true king of the country. Moments later, an assassin from a foreign country shot him dead. The Dictator’s Book didn’t protect the politician this time. Rasiel was watching him, but it’s never revealed if she retrieved the Phantom Book.[1]

In the manga adaptation, Rasiel tells the story to a German leader. The man is interested in the power granted by the Phantom Book. However, Rasiel affirms that he was not chosen by The Dictator’s Book.[2]



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