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Fragment 2 (light novel 2)

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The Gambler is a gentleman who tried using a fake Phantom Book to make a profit in a casino. He’s part of the Winning Strategy fragment.


He believes to be someone who knows everything about society and how to gain any kind of information, even when inaccessible to normal people. He seems experienced in gambling.

He heard rumors about Phantom Books, and how one of them has records of the results of all gambles. He managed to learn about the location of this Phantom Book. Then, he bought it from the previous owner after a tiresome negotiation, planning to use it to make money.[1]


He thinks highly of himself, believing to have vast knowledge of society and access to otherwise obscure information. The gambler proudly shows his gains to others. Greed makes him try to use a fake Phantom Book in order make some money. He innocently shares information with the Professor and Rasiel, unable to see their trickery. The gentleman also doesn’t detect the casino’s schemes. He causes a scene after losing his bets.[1]


The gentleman wears a dress suit and walks inside the casino with a book and a box full of gambling chips.[1]


A gentleman sees how lucky the Professor is. The latter has a box full of chips as well. But the gentleman warns him to not fully trust in his luck and abilities. After all, it's common to win the first rounds at that casino. The management would do that to encourage the visitors, only to make them lose when larger bets were at stake. The Professor could be easily tricked. The gentleman apologizes for being too nosy.

The Professor notices that the gentleman also has been successful in his gambles. The gentleman explains that he would never lose while gambling. He was using a Phantom Book, a book containing forbidden knowledge. The one in his hand has records of all results related to gambling. According to him, he knows everything about society and is able to access any kind of information. He learned the location of the Phantom Book and bought it from the previous owner after a long negotiation. Looking at his own chips, he sees that his efforts weren’t in vain. He invites the Professor and Rasiel to gamble with him. However, the couple has an appointment. The gentleman walks to a gambling table, showing off his box of gambling chips to everyone. Rasiel calls him stupid.

During the conversation between the manager, the Professor and Rasiel, it’s revealed that the casino is spreading rumors about a Phantom Book with records of all gambles. The casino would sell a fake Phantom Book, allow visitors to win a few rounds, only to make them lose later. It was all the Professor’s plan. When the Professor and Rasiel are ready to leave the casino with their payment, they see the gentleman with a dazed expression. His box is at his feet, empty. Other customers are approaching him, looking forward to beat him up. Everyone had lost their bets after listening to the gentleman. The latter makes a scene, telling everyone that he's being cheated. He is detained by security and dragged out.[1]




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