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Fragment 3 (light novel 5)

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The Observer was a man who found The World and used it to become a famous inventor. He’s part of The Observer fragment.


Nothing is revealed about his past.[1]


He likes to look at people from his window with a nice view of the city. He doesn’t enjoy any kind of interaction with other people. The man doesn’t stand insulting words and gazes. He wants to stay alone, in a safe place, watching the world. He becomes amazed by the book he found. Later, he turns into an ambitious man, wishing to be known as a great inventor, although he had already obtained fame and fortune. As an observer, he doesn’t care about the suffering of the people inside The World.[1]


His appearance is not described in the light novel.[1]


The man wishes to watch the world alone. He finds a photo album inside a small bookstore. He picks up The World without noticing. Spending most of his money, he buys the Phantom Book and almost runs out of the shop. He runs into Dalian. He’s surprised by her appearance and attitude. She warns him to look at only one page per day. The man nods, listening to her. He returns to his home after a day of hard work. He opens the Phantom Book and examines the image of a primitive world. The next day, he checks another page, and notices a world more adequate to sustain life. The man repeats this ritual day after day. He realizes that the Phantom Book shows the history of an alien world. The planet changes each day. The man has an idea.

After several months, his life was completely changed. His incredible, praised, original inventions were based on the unique animals from the Phantom Book. The government had awarded him. He became famous worldwide, his revolutionary inventions used by everyone, his company very profitable, his fortune growing. The man thought that the alien world inside the book would eventually be inhabited by humans. At that moment, he would borrow their ideas and go down in history as a great inventor.

As he thought, people appeared inside the Phantom Book as he flipped the pages again and again. He sees a civilization growing, nations fighting for resources. He flips the pages, watching the people’s suffering. That mankind eventually invents huge bombs. When the observer checks the last page, he’s burned to death by a powerful stream of heat and radiation. He didn’t have time to scream. His room was completely destroyed, save for the Phantom Book. Dalian grabs the Phantom Book and calls him a liar. Newspapers never found out what caused the tragedy.[1]




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