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The Princess’ Sister
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The Princess’ Sister is a royalty, the younger sister of the next queen from a small country. She tried to use the Book of Sleep to prevent her older sister from ascending the throne. The character appears in the Book of Sleep fragment.


She’s the younger sister of the princess of a small country. The princess is only two years older than her. The sister is not happy about the princess upcoming coronation.[1]


The sister hates the princess and the country. The sister wants the throne to herself. She’s grumpy and selfish, but very clever. She doesn’t like how the princess is ignorant about politics. And yet, it's infuriating how the princess is loved by everyone at the royal palace. The sister doesn’t feel envy, only disappointment. After all, the younger sister is a better queen material. The sister wishes to become the queen and increase the country’s wealth. She would attack the neighboring countries, and the prince would be only a subordinate. The sister is against killing the princess, only because then the sister would be hated by everyone. The sister doesn’t feel remorse as she thinks about putting the princess to a one-hundred-years sleep using the Book of Sleep. The sister doesn’t hesitate to lie to the princess about its powers. The sister even shares her plans to the king, laughing at his face.[1]


She’s two years younger than her 15-years-old sister. Nothing else is revealed about her appearance.[1]


The princess, almost 16, will soon become a queen, reigning with a prince from a neighboring country. The sister doesn’t like that. She tells Rasiel about her disappointment. The princess isn’t fit for politics, but she is loved by everyone nonetheless. The sister would be a better queen, making the country richer than ever, attacking the neighboring countries, controlling the prince like a subordinate. Rasiel tells the sister to pursue her wish. The sister gives her a surprised look. That would be impossible, since the princess is the older sister. Rasiel then tells the sister to kill the princess. The sister thinks for a moment, but rejects the idea, since she would be hated by everyone. The sister hates that country.

Rasiel affirms that the sister should rule the country while keeping the princess alive. That would be possible, since the sister was chosen by a Phantom Book. Rasiel gives the Book of Sleep to the sister. The former explains that the Phantom Book can put someone to sleep, allowing the person to wake up only after one hundred years. The target only has to read a few pages to stay asleep for years.

The sister gives an early birthday gift to the princess. The princess hugs her sister, who smiles awkwardly. The sister informs that the beautiful book will help the princess to fall asleep. That way, the princess will be well-rested for her birthday and coronation the next day.

The next day, everyone was worried about the princess, who usually wakes up early. The sister can’t hold her laugh. She reveals that she gave a Phantom Book to the princess and, now that she read it, she will sleep for one hundred years. The king and his servants run to the princess’ bedroom. There, they see the princess sleep soundly, with a book at the bedside. The sister offers to be the queen instead. The sister laughs in front of the king, enjoying her victory. However, she’s startled when the princess gives a small yawn and rubs her sleepy eyes.

The princess had a good night’s sleep thanks to the book. The princess thanks for the gift. She explains that the book has no illustrations, so she quickly fell asleep. The princess never read a single line from the Phantom Book. During the coronation of the new queen, the sister walks through the crowd, leaving the country she hates. Rasiel laughs at her expense, calling her a fool. After that, no one never heard about the whereabouts of the princess’ sister.[1]




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