The Queen of the Night
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Yoru no Joō


Chapter 2 (light novel 2);
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Wesley Disward;



The Queen of the Night is a rare plant bought by Wesley Disward. It’s present in the Queen of the Night story.


According to Dalian, The Queen of the Night is a rare species from Africa, planted and tended by Wesley Disward. Dalian inherited the job of watering it after he passed away. She waited 13 years to see the plant blossoming. Its book-like flower explains why a bibliomaniac would be interested in purchasing the cactus for a large sum of money. Eventually, information about this acquisition fell into the hands of the Gladstone Company.


Although it`s a cactus, The Queen of the Night is different from anything else owned by florists and gardeners. The rare plant gives a soft glow. The white light attracts people even in the darkness. Covered with leaves and vines, the cactus is not of a normal size, reaching at least twice as high as Hugh. Its roots are swollen, well-developed. It has fat, needled-coated leaves.

Bottom flower

The bottom flower of The Queen of the Night.

The dark brown, bottom flower at the trunk has the size of a coconut. When blossomed, it gives the impression of being an opened book filled with neatly written words and bounded by a thick, faded-colored cover that seems like it’s made of leather. The white pages, serving as petals, are easily blown by the wind as the book comes apart. The petals look like paper, but it`s made of a thin material that feels like plant.[1] The anime shows a second, larger flower at the top of the plant. It’s a part of the organism suitable to devour humans. In the adaptation, the cactus has a spotted body in the shape of a bulb. Its two flowers are colored red and white.[2]


The location of The Queen of the Night.

It takes 13 years for The Queen of the Night to blossom, and only one night to wither, which happens after its food is caught. It's located in the interior of a glasshouse, at the backyard of the Disward estate. Originally, it’s from a desolate land, scarce of water and nutrients. Therefore, its size demanded the plant to evolve as a carnivorous species able to attract more intelligent beings, since a diet of insects wouldn't be sufficient for its survival. Its reputation makes humans curious. They go to Africa and end up as prey of The Queen of the Night. Its fragrance, resembling ripe fruits, is also attractive. Strangled by vines, the victims can be seen through its swollen, translucent trunk filled with digestive fluids. According to a theory, the words written in its petals show the memories of people who were devoured.[1]


Queen's buds

The Queen of the Night before blossoming.

In the late afternoon, Hugh finds Dalian watering a huge plant inside the glasshouse. He thinks it`s cute how she has a hobby other than reading books. The commentary makes her angry. She explains the rare, African cactus was obtained by Wesley. Now, Dalian was tending the plant, replacing the late bibliomaniac. She reveals she had waited 13 years for the plant to blossom. It would happen that night.

Soon after, the Gladstone Company duo seize them. After checking their information network, the criminals were after a valuable book called “The Queen of the Night”. Dalian affirms there was no book with such a title. Searching the mansion, the plump man heads to the backyard. Later, his scream is heard. The red-haired man also leaves to see what happened. While looking for his partner, the robber is attacked by something. Hugh and Dalian run to the glasshouse. Dalian says it’s too late. She explains The Queen of the Night is in fact a carnivorous plant that attracted the Gladstone Company men with a book-like flower. They were dead, their bodies being digested inside the cactus. The pages of the cactus start to fall after its prey was eaten. Dalian would have to wait another 13 years to read the petals containing the memories of the victims.[1]

  • The red-haired man is attracted by The Queen of the Night.
  • The Queen of the Night blossoms.
  • The Queen of the Night devours the red-haired man.
  • The Gladstone Company men are digested inside the cactus.

Trivia Edit

  • The Boom-Flurry is a fictional plant in American author Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series. It's a sentient, huge carnivorous cactus that occasionally eats horses and humans. Its victims are also slowly digested inside its trunk.[5]

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