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The Working Man
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Fragment 1 (light novel 6)

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The Working Man was a shopkeeper who received a Phantom Book Egg from the Professor and divided himself into more than one individual. He’s part of The Working Man fragment.


He’s the owner of a small shop with a red sign, in a city protected by an old fortress, where he sells food and household goods. The man doesn’t have family or friends. He has only a few buyers, so money is scarce.[1]


He’s an unremarkable, lonely man. A hard worker who doesn’t have time to rest and care for his health. He works all day long, no matter the circumstances. The serious man wishes to have a second body in order to rest and at the same time keep his business. He becomes ambitious after obtaining a Phantom Book Egg.[1]


He’s described as a middle-aged man.[1]


The man worked so much that he visited a suspicious hospital, looking for medicine to treat his exhaustion. The doctor immediately notices how tired the patient is. As requested, the doctor prescribes a strengthening medicine. However, the patient will have to rest for three days. The patient doesn’t have a family to work for him, and he doesn’t have money to hire someone. If he closes his shop for a day, his goods will go bad and he will go broke. The only solution will be for the man to have a second body. After hearing that, the doctor gives him a Phantom Book Egg. The doctor warns him to use the recommended dose.

The shopkeeper returns to the hospital three days later. He’s almost recovered, but a copy of himself had appeared after he drank the medicine as instructed in the Phantom Book Egg. He points to the clone beside him. The doctor explains that the patient had successfully divided into two individuals. Now the shopkeeper has a second body. The twins look at each other and sigh. Soon, they get used to each other. They work hard all day. Now, with two bodies, twice as many goods can be carried. They rest in turn. Soon, they wonder about the advantages of having more bodies. The Phantom Book Egg is used once again.

The shopkeepers draw attention. The shop becomes popular, filled with the same identical workers. Now the business never closes. The shopkeepers make a large profit. They open more shops around the country. However, everything changed when the cold winter brought a strong cold. The shopkeepers die. As the doctor explains to Rasiel, they had no genetic diversity, so a single disease killed every single one. She laughs at their foolishness.[1]




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