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Fragment 3 (light novel 5)


It shows the history of an alien world.


The Observer


In Dalian’s possession

The World is a Phantom Book found by a man who watched in its pages the history of an alien planet. It’s present in The Observer fragment.

It’s a beautiful bound photo album with a shiny, deep blue cover, the color of the predawn sky. The title is written in glossy silver letters. The cover warns the reader to check only one page per day.[1]


The Phantom Book was displayed at a window of an old, small bookstore located in a side street.[1]


It shows the history of an alien world, from a planet with primitive atmosphere, to the origin of life, the evolution of mankind, the development of civilizations and its destruction. Each page shows a step in the world’s history. The first page shows an uninhabited planet, while the last pages reveal the progress of people and their fight for resources. The world inside the photo album is slightly different from the real world. Animals and plants went through a distinct evolutionary path. Their behavior, lifestyle and appearance are unfamiliar.

The history inside the photo album may affect the reader. For instance, a man saw the last page of the Phantom Book, which depicts the people using huge bombs during their wars. The heat and radiation from the explosion burned the reader to death, also destroying his room.[1]


A man finds The World inside a bookstore. He doesn’t hesitate in buying the Phantom Book. He runs into Dalian soon after. She warns him to check only one page per day. It’s the same warning written on the cover.

The man opens the photo album after a day of hard work. The first page depicts a terrifying landscape in orange tones. A raging red sea, black clouds, lightnings, huge waves. The next day, he checks the next page. There’s a beautiful landscape. The land was formed, the sea calmed, the clouds scattered, the sunlight reached the water. The next day, the man sees a beautiful blue sea with algae and primitive animals. He realizes that the photo album shows the history of the planet.

After several months, plants and animals reached the land. They increased in size and became intelligent. Some creatures resemble dinosaurs. The inhabitants of the world inside the photo album are slightly different. They’ve evolved in their own way, adopting another behavior, lifestyle and appearance. The man became a famous inventor, his creations based on the unique appearance of the animals.

The man deduces that eventually people will appear in the photo album. At that moment, he will use their technology to go down in history as a great inventor. He keeps turning the pages. Soon, the people come into existence. They form tribes, then countries. The nations and population grow. They develop science and technology. They study agriculture, medicine. They create engines and learn to fly through the sky. There are negative effects. Forests are cut, fish are caught, plants and animals die. The powers start to fight for the scarce resources. The weapons become more deadly. Wars are waged. Soon, huge bombs are invented.

The man checks the last page. He sees a bright flash. The photo album releases a burst of heat and radiation, burning the man to death. The explosion completely destroyed his room. Only the photo album remained untouched. The last page depicts the ruins of a civilization. Dalian picks up the Phantom Book.[1]


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