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Fragment 2 (light novel 5)

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The Writer was a famous author who interacted with Rasiel in the Book of Fools fragment. He's the user of the Book Which Fools Cannot See.


He’s a famous writer. The man devotes himself entirely for his works since he was young. The writer won many competitions. People loved him, purchased his books and requested new writings.[1]


The writer is very focused on his work. He is pressured to come up with a good story within the deadline. He respects his fans who are waiting for a new publication, and the contract made with his publisher. The writer becomes distressed and sad. The man wants readers who appreciate his story. His works shouldn’t be only something to talk about, to be sold or to be criticized. He feels that he’s misunderstood. Ultimately, he commits suicide, unable to accept being recognized for a work that he didn’t make, for a work that he couldn’t read.[1]


The man’s appearance was not described in the light novel.[1]


The writer can't come up with a good story. He strains his imagination, he has conversations with other authors, he reads, he takes long walks, but nothing can inspire him.

The man meets a green-haired girl. He tells her how he can't take it anymore. No one appreciates his stories. The girl tells him to stop writing. However, the writer needs to please his publisher and his fans. Then, the girl presents him with a Phantom Book Egg. The man is surprised. After all, it’s only a bunch of white paper.

That evening, the writer delivered the Book Which Fools Cannot See to his editor. The writer doesn’t believe that those papers will be accepted. He's ready to apologize. However, the editor loves the empty manuscript, calling it a masterpiece. After several months, the publisher sends the finished book to the writer. The latter is incredulous. He opens the book and, once again, is unable to see a single word.

The Book Which Fools Cannot See becomes a bestseller. Critics affirm that the writer will win the famous literary contest. The writer becomes wealthy. But no money or fame satisfies him. The man can't answer the questions about the contents of the book. The writer can't work on a sequel, as requested by editors and readers.

A fan wrote that the book showed him how to live. The writer is scared. He wants to learn what’s written in the book. He goes to a street rack. He opens the book, only to see white pages with no words. He returns the book to its place. He makes a decision.

The writer commits suicide. Authors and editors discussed his death. Bookstore owners staged memorials in his honor. Thousands attended to his funeral. The green-haired girl was there, next to his coffin. She calls him a fool. The Book Which Fools Cannot See continues to be sold.[1]




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