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Surosutouru Orurikku




Chapter 2 (light novel 6)

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Throstur Orlik was a famous architect, father of Iris. He’s the user of the Book of the King's Coffin. He’s part of the Book of Coffin story.



Iris, Throstur's daughter.

Throstur was a famous architect in Europe. He designed theaters and museums, which later turned into symbols of their cities. His style was adopted by other young architects. Kessler was Throstur’s apprentice. Kessler and Iris, Throstur’s daughter, wanted to marry, but Throstur was against it. The couple ran away to live together. Eventually, Iris returned to her father, because she was pregnant with Erna and she knew that her weak body wouldn’t endure the delivery. She didn’t want to make Kessler suffer. Throstur never learned about Erna.

Throstur built some sort of crypt in Iceland, influenced by the Book of the King's Coffin he borrowed from Wesley. The architect then retired and moved to the crypt, vanishing from history, around twenty years before the main events of Book of Coffin. Because he was in poor health, doomed to a short life, and had already lost his wife, the architect couldn’t accept the debilitated health state of his daughter Iris, so he preserved her body inside an icy sarcophagus in the crypt he built. The place was built to be self-sustainable and to prevent visitors from disturbing Iris. He hoped that Iris could be resurrected in the future. Throstur, who was seriously ill, died soon after.

Before disappearing, Throstur left most of his fortune with a financial manager in Jutland. However, the latter’s investments failed to make a profit, so Throstur’s patrimony was lost. The crypt in Iceland was put up for auction. Six years before the main events of Book of Coffin, Kessler, now an investor, bought the house at a very low price. He wasn’t certain that the house existed.

People believe that the house in Iceland was built for Throstur to spent the rest of his short life in peace and quiet after the deaths of his wife and daughter. A few days before the main events of Book of Coffin, four cartographers found the property. Three of them died inside it. The house disappeared soon after. The occurrence put Throstur’s name in the newspapers once again. Days later, the time for Throstur to give the Phantom Book back had arrived. Hugh and Dalian traveled to Iceland to retrieve it.[1]


He loved his wife, so he was looking for a way to resurrect her. After losing her, Throstur doesn’t accept his daughter’s debilitated health state. He filled his library with books about medicine, pharmacology and healing spells. He used a Phantom Book to build a crypt and preserve Iris’ body. The architect expects that, in the future, Iris can be revived. For some reason, he was against Kessler and Iris’ marriage. If Throstur knew about his granddaughter, he would hate her for straining Iris’ body. Throstur was known as an eccentric architect. He went against common sense many times. He built movable bridges and buildings on the surface of the sea. He lost interest in his job after losing his family.[1]


He’s described as a tall man.[1]


Iris, inside the sarcophagus, calls for her father. She startles Throstur. His lips move in a distorted manner, as if he’s crying and laughing at the same time. Iris wants him to stop, but Throstur reassures her. He wipes the blood from his lips after a severe coughing fit. The man doesn’t want Iris to die. He wishes for his daughter to live forever. He operates a machine, which places the lid of the sarcophagus into place. The man smiles, satisfied. He hopes that one day, Iris will be revived. He collapses over the coffin.

Hugh and Dalian read about Throstur’s house a few days ago. Four cartographers had found the property. They found evidence that it was built by the famous architect, who had retired and disappeared twenty years ago. Unexpectedly, only one cartographer survived. This man informed the location to another group. However, the investigators learned that the house had vanished. Hugh and Dalian travel to Iceland to look for the Book of the King's Coffin, a Phantom Book that Wesley lent to Throstur.

The geologist Magnuson and his assistant Erna take Hugh and Dalian to the house. Dalian notices that the building looks more like a crypt. They meet Shura, a photojournalist, and Kessler, an investor who bought Throstur’s house. The property had been put up for auction six years ago, when a financial manager lost the architect’s fortune. Inside the strange house, Kessler explains that Throstur retired and moved there after the deaths of his wife and daughter, to live the rest of his short life in peace and quiet. Hugh reveals that Throstur may have built the house under the influence of the Book of the King's Coffin.

The group finds Throstur’s library. It’s filled with books about healing and resurrection. Erna finds a photo of Throstur and his wife and daughter. Soon after, a giant made of steam attacks them. In the adjacent room, they find a body inside an icy sarcophagus. It’s revealed that Throstur built the self-sustainable house to preserve the weak body of his daughter Iris, hoping that someday she’ll be resurrected. Kessler reveals to be Throstur’s apprentice. Kessler and Iris loved each other, but Throstur didn’t accept their marriage. The couple ran away, but Iris eventually returned to her father, due to her debilitated health state.

The crypt uses geothermal resources. According to Magnuson, it may cause a catastrophic earthquake, so the group decides to destroy the coffin in order to stop the threat posed by the house. However, Kessler intervenes, sharing Throstur’s faith in Iris’ resurrection. Erna reveals that she’s Kessler and Iris’ daughter. Throstur didn’t know about Erna. Since Iris died soon after the strenuous delivery, Throstur would hate his own granddaughter. Erna destroys Iris’ coffin with a bunch of dynamite, stopping the effect of the forbidden knowledge used by Throstur.[1]


  • Throstur built movable bridges and buildings on the water's surface.[1]
    • Floating houses are houses which are constructed on water in a way that the load of the structure is equal or less than the uplift force of the water, which helps in floating the house on its surface. Traditional floating houses, normally houseboats, were built in various countries in the places prone to floods, near coast lines and on the lakes and rivers.[2]
    • Movable bridge is a bridge that can change position and/or shape to allow for passage of boats below. The oldest know movable bridge was built in the 2nd millennium BC in the ancient Egypt.[3]


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