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The Unfaithful Man was an individual who was betrayed by his girlfriend. Dalian gave a Phantom Book to him. He’s part of The Lovers fragment.


The only known fact about his past is that he became very depressed, even suicidal, after being betrayed by his girlfriend.[1]


The man loses control of his emotions after he was left by his girlfriend. He shows his sadness and tears for everyone to see. He becomes so despaired that he plans to kill his girlfriend before killing himself. According to him, his girlfriend was dishonest, inconsistent with her emotions. In fact, every woman is untrustworthy. However, the hypocrite man also changes his partner at the first opportunity. While dating someone, everyone can see his happiness and satisfaction, even when his new girlfriend is only visible to him. He hugs the Phantom Book lent by Dalian, glad by its power.[1]


His appearance was never described in the light novel.[1]


The man was sat on a bench in the park during a cold snowy afternoon. He seems depressed, crying in front of people. He places a dagger against his wrist, ready to kill himself. Accompanied by Dalian, Hugh approaches him and asks why he's so sad. The man explains that his girlfriend had betrayed him. She had changed her heart about him and chose another partner. He would never trust a woman again. He seriously plans to kill her, then commit suicide. Dalian asks if he would ever leave a partner. The man answers that he would never betray his lover. The Biblioprincess lends him a book, hoping that he would never forget what he just said.

Hugh sees the man again in the park a few days ago. This time, he seems very happy, smiling at the couples nearby. The sandwich on his lap was prepared by his girlfriend. The man says that he had a new girlfriend. No one else can see her, but she appears to him when he reads the book lent by Dalian. The girlfriend is beautiful and caring, and everything he’ll ever need. He continues to read the book, satisfied. As he flips through the pages, he mumbles to himself, as if someone was gently speaking in his ears. He looked very silly, although happy.

After a few days, Hugh sees the happy man once again, mumbling to himself. However, he had a different book in hands. According to him, he had just received it. He didn’t hate the previous book, but the current one was more compatible to him. While reading it, he would see a new lover, a more caring and attractive one.

One night, Hugh and Dalian find the man in the park during a quiet night. He's immobile on the bench, with a dagger sticking out of his cold chest. Dalian’s book is around the man’s foot, on a puddle of blood. The man had lied when he said that he would never betray.[1]




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