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Wesley Clade
Wesley Clade

Japanese Name


Romanized Name

Wesurī Kureido


The Virtue (ヴァーチャー Vāchā)


Chapter 1 (light novel 6)

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Wesley Clade is an assassin hired to kill Alunda. He’s the user of the Template Book. He appears in The Template Book story.


Born in a rich metropolitan family, Wesley studied in a renowned school, but his short temper and cruelty put him into unpleasant situations. The writer Zenova Hallward lived in the same dormitory as him. The author created the Template Book, a Phantom Book which describes Wesley. As long as this manuscript exists, Wesley is immortal, looking as the young man in the book. Wesley took the Phantom Book for himself and arranged it to be published. That way, the forbidden knowledge would spread around the world, and his immortality would never end, not even when the original is destroyed.

After he was expelled from school, he became a criminal and, eventually, a killer for money known as the Virtue. Over a period of ten years before the main events of The Template Book, he killed more than two hundred people. The public doesn’t know him, because his targets are all men from the underworld, whose families would never report to the police. Wesley has many enemies, many who tried to eliminate him to no avail.

Alunda inherited a small crime syndicate after her father’s death. Rivals want her organization to themselves, so they hired Wesley to kill her. Leon is trying to protect her, so he requested Hugh and Dalian’s help.[1]


The cruel man kills for money. He’s a professional who always fulfill his contracts. Because he’s immortal, he simply enters through his target’s front door to eliminate them. He doesn’t protect himself. Wesley’s immortality makes him reckless and arrogant. He attracts many enemies, who are unable to stop him. He’s smart and narcissist. He created several copies of the Template Book to maintain his immortality and young appearance. Afraid of eventually losing his qualities of youth, Wesley became fear himself, the absolute killer.[1]


Wesley has a young, pretty face, a long, slick hair and eyes that give him the appearance of an intellectual. He’s a handsome man, even while wearing a coat covered in blood. A snake is depicted on the right shoulder of his coat. He has unnatural look, as if he’s a doll rather than a man. Wesley is more than forty years old, although he looks twenty-five. He’s the embodiment of human virtue. He carries a big recurved knife, similar to a kukri, with spots of dried blood. The assassin uses light-colored gloves.[1]


Leon returned to the capital with Alunda to protect her from rivals trying to take her position as the boss of a crime syndicate she just inherited from her father. Leon tells Hugh and Dalian that the immortal assassin Wesley Clade was hired to hunt Alunda. At the old bookstore, Hugh and Dalian learn more about the killer’s past. The old man explains that Wesley never fails. He’s immortal, so his wounds are instantly healed, his fallen limbs instantly grow back. The author Zenova Hallward lived in the same dormitory as Wesley. The writer described Wesley in one of his works. Now, the Phantom Book gives Wesley eternal life. The assassin had published the book, so now the forbidden knowledge was spread throughout the world. Destroying the original won't be enough to stop him. However, Dalian notices a vulnerability.

Hugh and Dalian return to Leon’s shelter and tell him about the assassin’s Phantom Book. They hear the engine of a car. Hugh and Dalian go outside to meet Wesley. The assassin is smiling, playing with a big knife and looking at the dark sky. Time hasn’t changed his appearance. He wonders if Hugh is a bodyguard. Hugh reads a copy of Hallward’s book. The passage describes Wesley and how he became a killer in order to run away from his fear of losing his virtues. Hugh asks where’s the original Template Book. Wesley removes the manuscript from his pocket. Hugh wants the original, but Wesley will never give it away. Hugh pulls out his revolver to shoot Wesley in the shoulder. The assassin is pushed back a little. The flesh quickly recovers, the blood returns, as if time had gone backwards.

Hugh removes the Book of a Thousand Sorrows from the Labyrinth Library. He reads in a foreign language. Wesley feels the danger. He laughs and runs to kill Hugh. The latter easily dodges while reading the Phantom Book. Wesley is enveloped by flames. However, he doesn’t stop laughing. The original Template Book is destroyed. Wesley’s clothes are burned, but his flesh remains unharmed. According to him, the copies of the Template Book will keep his immortality forever. He raises his knife.

Hugh shoots Wesley once again. The assassin’s right hand is wounded. The knife falls on the ground. This time, there’s no magical recovering. Wesley’s face is distorted by fear and pain. He doesn’t understand how Hugh managed to wound him. Wesley tries to collect the ashes of the original Template Book. Hugh won't kill Wesley. However, the assassin had many enemies. If they learn how Wesley lost his immortality, they will hunt him. Wesley screams in horror and runs away.

The next morning, Dalian explains that the copies of the Template Book are full of typos, so the forbidden knowledge only existed in the original book. As soon as Hugh burned the original Phantom Book, Wesley lost his immortality. Leon used the intelligence of his family and his personal contacts to spread the news about Wesley’s vulnerability. Soon, many will try to take revenge on the assassin.[1]




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