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Blunt Bangs (前髪ぱっつん Maegami Pattsun)


Chapter 2 (light novel 3)

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Yolanda is Davi Hillenbrand’s wife. She learned that her husband was cheating on her. However, her memories were sealed when he used the Book of Oblivion. She is present in the Book of Oblivion story.


She’s from a wealthy family, owner of a large farm. She lost her father early in her life. Yolanda married Davi four years before the main events of Book of Oblivion. They quickly prepared the ceremony due to the war. Yolanda eventually learned that Davi was cheating on her with another woman. The man kept a secret room with his mistress’ belongings, including a life-size nude portrait of her. Yolanda tried to throw away the portrait, but Davi brought it back to the mansion one night. Yolanda began to fight and scold her husband. The servants would listen their violent discussions.

Yolanda hit Davi in the cheek with the Book of Oblivion during one of their fights. Davi eventually used the Phantom Book to erase Yolanda’s memories about the disloyalty. He locked the Phantom Book inside his secret room and told Yolanda to never go in there. Yolanda was again treating her husband with love, but the missing memory was making her anxious. She believed that she had forgot a story from a book such as the fairy tale Bluebeard, and not a real memory. Yolanda had heard from her sister-in-law that Hugh knew a lot about books. That's why Yoland sent him a telegram in Davi’s name, asking for his help.[1]


According to Davi, Yolanda used to be kind and caring. Having lost her father early in her life, Yolanda would see Davi as the manly figure she never had. Davi was happy with her at the beginning of their relationship. However, after she learned about Davi’s affair, she became very violent. Davi would shake in fear during their fights, which could be heard throughout the mansion by the servants. She hit him in the face with the Book of Oblivion, leaving a square-shaped wound in his cheek.

Yolanda returned to her gentle self when her memories were sealed inside the Book of Oblivion. In this state, Yolanda reprimands Davi when he annoys Hugh and Dalian with his vulgar chit-chat. That’s true especially when Davi tries to arrange a marriage for his nephew. She apologizes for Davi's rudeness, but hesitates in disobeying him. Davi makes her shy while proudly introducing her as his wife. She feels the need to recover her memories, since that makes her distressed. Hugh finds her a little too serious, although with a modest personality.

With her memories recovered, Yolanda’s eyes are filled with anger. She gives Davi an intimidating smile, opposing her husband with confidence. She violently kicks the shelves next to him and rips the letters exchanged between him and his mistress. Yolanda destroys the portrait of Davi’s lover without mercy.[1]


She has white skin and long hair. Before the main events of Book of Oblivion, she appears dressing a thin sleepwear and a woolen stole. Later, she’s described as a beautiful, tall young woman elegantly dressed, with a serious expression and blunt bangs trimmed right over her eyebrows. Yolanda has an impeccable appearance.[1]


Yolanda was in her sleepwear, slowly approaching her frightened husband. She’s holding a book in her hands. She asks Davi if they should continue the story. Davi screams are drowned out by the wind.

Around one year later, she’s seen sat beside Davi while he catches up with his nephew Hugh. Davi affirms that Hugh should be building a family instead of collecting books with Dalian. Hugh should be interested in women with a more mature sex appeal. Davi glances at his beautiful wife. He grabs her by the waist, proudly revealing that they had married fours years ago. It was an urgent ceremony due to the war. That’s why Hugh wasn’t invited. Yolanda blushes while Davi boasts about her. She tells Davi to stop annoying Hugh by trying to arrange a marriage for him. Davi tells Yolanda to show Hugh and Dalian a room. Hugh and Dalian will stay in the mansion while Davi is out in business. Yolanda will tell Hugh about the wonders of a happy marriage. Davi takes his wife away, ignoring Hugh’s protests.

Dalian doesn’t understand how someone as rude as Davi married a beautiful woman like Yolanda. The latter returns after seeing Davi off. She apologizes for her husband’s annoying behavior. Dalian questions Yolanda’s purpose in marrying Davi. The Biblioprincess wonders if she’s after Davi’s wealth. The woman explains that one could find good things during a marriage, things never noticed before. Yolanda had lost her father early in life. Maybe she sees Davi as a manly figure she never had.

Yolanda reveals herself as the one who sent Hugh a telegram asking for his help. She bows to Dalian, requesting her assistance. Yolanda is after a book, but she doesn't know its title or author. It’s about a horrible man married with a beautiful woman. The man told his wife to never open his secret room. Yolanda doesn’t remember the rest of the story. She believes that there’s something important she forgot with the end of the book. Her forgotten memories were making her angry and anxious.

Yolanda dines with Hugh and Dalian. She leaves them after finishing her meal. Hugh and Dalian stay in the dining room, discussing about Yolanda’s problem. Dalian didn’t tell her, but the story she had described was from a fairy tale called “Bluebeard”. The Biblioprincess believes that Yolanda should let it go. Maybe she will recover her memories soon. Maybe she unconsciously sealed her own memories, preventing herself from suffering. Dalian deduces that Davi used a Phantom Book to force her into marriage. Yolanda may have witnessed Davi’s terrible ritual. That’s why the man sealed her memories and the end of Bluebeard, which has a similar narrative. Yolanda would recover her memories only after finding and sealing the Phantom Book. Hugh finds the theory far-fetched, but decides to help Yolanda before the worst happens.

A maid shares rumors about Davi and Yolanda. The maid couldn’t understand how Yolanda married with a failed businessman who drinks and gambles. It’s said that Davi lives in a mansion thanks to the fortune of Yolanda’s family. Around one year ago, Davi brought a book to the mansion. That’s when Davi and Yolanda became a happy couple. However, before that, they used to fight a lot. The servants would hear their loud discussions throughout the mansion. It’s said that Davi obtained the book from a bibliomaniac in his family.

Hugh and Dalian enter Davi’s study to search the Phantom Book. Davi probably used it to erase Yolanda’s memories and change her personality. Maybe Yolanda wasn’t forgetting about a fairy tale, but about her own experiences. Yolanda finds Hugh and Dalian investigating the place. Hugh asks if Davi has a secret room. Yolanda hesitates at first, trying not to disobey her husband. She eventually glances at a key hanging at the study’s wall. The woman has a fascinated expression. Dalian affirms that they will find the book inside the secret room. The three enter Davi’s secret room, where he keeps the belongings of a woman, including a life-size realistic nude portrait. Dalian finds the Book of Oblivion and gives it to Yolanda. The latter’s eyes shine with anger.

They see Davi at the entrance, back from work. He shakes in fear as Yolanda slowly approaches him. Yolanda now remembers everything. The items inside the room belonged to Davi’s mistress. Yolanda had thrown away the portrait, but Davi has brought it back. Yolanda interrupts her husband’s excuses, kicking the shelves nearby with violence. Yolanda smells a woman’s perfume from a letter recently stamped. Davi turns pale as she tears the letter. She also kicks the portrait of Davi’s mistress, destroying it with a loud noise. Davi’s marriage became a nightmare after he cheated on Yolanda with another woman. Yolanda became very aggressive, not the kind woman at the beginning of their relationship. So Davi had the idea of using the Book of Oblivion to erase her memories about the affair. He shows the square-shaped wound on his cheek. Yolanda had hit him with the Phantom Book. According to Dalian, Yolanda’s anger and sadness would eventually subdue if he had waited. But since he used the Phantom Book, her feelings are as fresh as before. The Book of Oblivion doesn’t erase a memory, it only preserves it. Hugh and Dalian leave the place with the Phantom Book. Yolanda walks slowly towards her husband, asking if they should continue the story. Davi’s screams are heard throughout the mansion.[1]




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