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Zadok Kempson
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Zadokku Kenpuson




Chapter 1 (light novel 7)

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Zadok Kempson is the first owner of the book of the Kasuruhau. He is present in the Disaster and Temptation story.


Kempson has no children. He lives with his wife, who is five years older than him. He’s a known major shareholder of a spinning company with four factories around the kingdom. The company is owned by his wife’s family. Kempson collects rare books. He goes abroad to buy old books about local rituals and witchcraft. He obtained what appears to be an alien book. Dunstan, obsessed with the book, entered Kempson’s house to ask for the book, telling Kempson that he will be cursed if he kept the item.

About a month before the main events of Disaster and Temptation, the scent of the book made Kempson infatuated with his maid. His wife learned about the affair and used a sharp object to pierce his stomach. He lost consciousness. A servant called a doctor. Kempson recovered in his house. The maid left the house with the alien book, running away from her lady's wrath. When the police questioned Kempson, he told them that he was attacked by an alien monster, exploring the delusions shared by Dunstan. If Kempson revealed the truth about his wife, he would lose his position.

The maid sold the book to Hobbes and also told him about Kempson’s affair. With such information, Hobbes succeeded in extorting money from Kempson. The latter eventually sent his subordinates to attack Hobbes and retrieve the alien book. However, it was already in Dunstan’s hands.[1]


Kempson seems subordinated to his wife, since his position as a shareholder of a large company is only possible due to their marriage. Even when she seriously wounded him, Kempson wished to preserve their relationship. His men assaulted Hobbes, so Kempson seems to be a powerful person.[1]


There’s no description about Kempson’s appearance.[1]


Grosseteste tells Hugh about the police investigation. It’s revealed that Kempson, as a collector of rare, old books about occult matters, is the first owner of the alien book. He’s a major shareholder of a spinning company owned by his wife’s family. Kempson was getting ready for sleep when he was attacked and his book was taken. Later, Hobbes was also attacked. Kempson told the police that a monster was responsible for the assault. It’s a creature resembling a human corpse, a mole, a bat and a crow. Grosseteste believes that he was in shock when he gave such absurd testimony. Curiously, days before, Dunstan had entered Kempson’s house to warn him about a curse who befalls those who have the book.

Hugh learns that the alien book has a scent that makes people infatuated. Grosseteste is able to solve the case thanks to the information. Kempson’s wife admitted her crime. The inspector tells Hugh that Kempson, influenced by the book's scent, started an affair with his own maid. His wife discovered their relationship and attacked Kempson with a knife. The latter couldn’t tell the truth to the police, since his position in the company depends on a good relationship with his wife. Kempson used Dunstan’s delusions to make up a culprit.

The maid left Kempson’s house with the alien book. She sold it to Hobbes and also told the shopkeeper about Kempson’s affair. Hobbes used the information to extort money from Kempson. Apparently, Hobbes was successful. However, eventually Kempson sent his subordinates to attack Hobbes and retrieve the alien book, although it had already been sold to Dunstan.[1]




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